Our Core Values

The new administration of ULOUK was inaugurated into office on the 21st of September 2019 in Northampton UK. The team deliberately selected Core Values as working insrtuments to enhance our working agenda. 

Those values included and not limited to: 


Respect - Meaning that we will listen and value what otherws have to say in running ULOUK in a dignifield manner, treat people as we could like to be treated and challenge people who fail to follow suit. to be non-judgemental and polite and courteous in our approach to others, recognising that negative behaviours affect others and lower self-esteem.


Compassion - We are ready to show kindness to others and make them feel part of a community, by supporting them. We will practice a warm and welcomimg approach to all members., giving them attention and time as needed to support them, listerning to understand others point of views.


Partnership - We will work with sponsors, local communities, chrities, businesses based on the frame work of equality, mutual respect and in a collaborated manner. That will intail that trust is at the heart of what we do, valuing the many contributions of others, and  skills that are essential for making things happen. Because we are aware that things are not just possible, but they can happen when we wrok together.


Accountability - We are operating on the basis of integrity, openess, fairness and honesty. Accepting due responsiblity for our own actions. We will by all means perform what we have promosed, say it quickly when things are nor right, and admitting when we make mistakes. Furthermore , as professionals , we will accept and therefore respond to constructive challenges and feedback from others.


Fairness - Meaning that we will provide the environment, the chances, opportunities, support and services to people who are most in need to excel to the level of other to gain maximum potentails and skills to thrive in their community.


Ambition - We are certain that things are not just possible but, they can happen if poeple plan and excute the plans together. We are committed to making lasting and sustainable change in our community, Country and Society. We do that always by looking for ways to improve what we do and what can be done differently to improve our services. We dialogue with community and share veiws on moving forward.


Equal Opportuinity Act 2010 makes it banding for all organisations and employers to treat people as we want to be treated ourselves, which is a path way of eradicating discrimination and stereotype in society. We accept people differences and strive to providing what pepole need, by consulting them to be involved in the decisions making that affect their lives.


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